Weston Wamp on The Pitch Debuts Saturday, June 6 on ESPN 105.1

A few months ago I sat down with my friends at Brewer Media and began re-envisioning what talk radio should sound like in 2015. What we came up with is a high energy, weekly show that will touch everything that’s hot — from sports to politics. We’ll pitch ideas and arguments, as well as jam out to some of the best music in the world from time to time. Every caller will get on the show. And we’re going to work hard to book big time guests, and ask them questions they haven’t been asked.

Every Saturday the show will be live from 10 AM – noon on ESPN 105.1 The Zone and a podcast of the show will be available here, at westonwamp.com. We can’t wait for you to hear the show — and if you’ll call in, we’ll get you on the pitch.