Podcast #7 – Calling Chattanooga Attacks What They Are

Hour 1, Segment 1: Wrapping Our Heads Around The Week of Terrorism In Chattanooga

Hour 1, Segment 2: Political Correctness Around Chattanooga Attacks (with Zach Wamp)

Hour 1, Segment 3: Cont’d with Zach Wamp on Attacks, Call from Iraq Veteran

Hour 1, Segment 4: Cold Realities You Won’t Hear from Politicians (with Zach Wamp)

Hour 1, Segment 5: Millennial entrepreneur Nick Macco on the Impact of Attacks on Chattanooga’s Brand

Hour 2, Segment 1: Talking Scott Walker with Wisconsin Native Nick Macco

Hour 2, Segment 2: British Open breakdown (with golf correspondent Jason Holwerda)

Hour 2, Segment 3: Interview of the Week withTN GOP Chairman Ryan Haynes

Hour 2, Segment 4: The Big Pitch – #NoogaStrong Misses the Point

Hour 2, Segment 5: Rhonda Rousley and Standing Up Against Sexual Assault


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