Podcast #8: Secretary Tom Ridge, NASCAR star Austin Dillon, plus a call for a Medal of Honor

Hour 1, Segment 1: The week that was

Hour 1, Segment 2: The CFO on his day to come with Colin Cowherd

Hour 1, Segment 3: Peyton Manning heads the Chattanooga Heroes Fund (w/ Barry Large)

Hour 1, Segment 4: Interview with Secretary of Homelands Security Tom Ridge on Attacks in Chattanooga

Hour 1, Segment 5: Five Takeaways from the British Open

Hour 2, Segment 1: The Counselor joins Weston to talk about Chattanooga’s Finest Moment

Hour 2, Segment 2: Approve/Disapprove with Coty Wamp – Trump, Allenby, Nicki/T-Swift feud.

Hour 2, Segment 3: Homerate Mortgage Interview of the Week: NASCAR star Austin Dillon

Hour 2, Segment 4: The Big Pitch – A Medal of Honor to Gunny

Hour 2, Segment 5: Five takeaways from the first week of the second half of MLB


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