Podcast #9: Hall of Famer WR Steve Largent, Gerald Riggs Jr. on the 2015 Vols, and the trade deadline

Hour 1, Segment 1: A look back at the week

Hour 1, Segment 2: Wilmer Flores and Loyalty in Pro Sports

Hour 1, Segment 3: The Counselor Coty Wamp Joins the Show

Hour 1, Segment 4: Tribute to Jon Stewart (with Coty Wamp)

Hour 1, Segment 5: Steve Largent talks Russell Wilson’s Long-Term Extension

Hour 2, Segment 1: Republican Presidential Debate Preview (w/ Nick Macco)

Hour 2, Segment 2: Gerald Riggs Jr. On The 2015 Vols and Beast University

Hour 2, Segment 3: Trade Deadline Recap

Hour 2, Segment 4: The Big Pitch: Yes I went there, Planned Parenthood and Cecil

Hour 2, Segment 5: Callers upset with the Big Pitch


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