Podcast #10: The Debate, Ohhh… The Debate, Chattanooga FC & The $181 Million Cocaine Sub

Hour 1, Segment 1: Recapping the ESPN 105.1 Golf Tourney

Hour 1, Segment 2: Zach Wamp joins; CFC and Debate rewind

Hour 1, Segment 3: Trump (with ZW)

Hour 1, Segment 4: Did FOX do the right thing? Dr. Carson’s good performance.

Hour 1, Segment 5: How the rest of the field did (with ZW)

Hour 2, Segment 1: No Woody, but I’m all-in on the Vols

Hour 2, Segment 2: Homerate Mortgage Interview of the Week: CFC Captain James Moore

Hour 2, Segment 3: Blue Jays and Mets afire; and the Cocaine Submarine

Hour 2, Segment 4: Calls from “the Defender” and Marshall Brock

Hour 2, Segment 5: The Big Pitch: Need more leaders with Carly’s mettle.


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