U.S. Senator Dean Heller (R-Nev) on the Pitch Saturday

United States Senator Dean Heller of Nevada will join Weston on the Pitch this Saturday during the 10 AM hour on ESPN 105.1.

Heller is one of only six senators who has endorsed in the 2016 GOP Presidential Primary. A supporter of former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s, Heller will explain why he chose not to¬†endorse any of his four colleagues in the Senate.

Also Weston will talk to Senator Heller about his strong words to the NFL over the Deflategate scandal and similar issues as one of two senators from the only state with legalized sports betting.

Sen. Marco Rubio on The Pitch with Weston Tomorrow

Presidential candidate and Florida Senator Marco Rubio will join Weston on the pitch in the 11 o’clock hour tomorrow, September 5th on ESPN 105.1 or streamed at ESPNChattanooga.com.marco-rubio-wife-ftr

Rubio, 44, is the youngest candidate running for President. He will talk to Weston about his family, reasons for leaving his seat in the Senate to run for President and about his beloved Miami Dolphins.

Rubio has consistently polled as one of the most likable candidates in the GOP field and one the few to present specific solutions on issues ranging from entitlement reform to immigration reform.