Podcast #9: Hall of Famer WR Steve Largent, Gerald Riggs Jr. on the 2015 Vols, and the trade deadline

Hour 1, Segment 1: A look back at the week

Hour 1, Segment 2: Wilmer Flores and Loyalty in Pro Sports

Hour 1, Segment 3: The Counselor Coty Wamp Joins the Show

Hour 1, Segment 4: Tribute to Jon Stewart (with Coty Wamp)

Hour 1, Segment 5: Steve Largent talks Russell Wilson’s Long-Term Extension

Hour 2, Segment 1: Republican Presidential Debate Preview (w/ Nick Macco)

Hour 2, Segment 2: Gerald Riggs Jr. On The 2015 Vols and Beast University

Hour 2, Segment 3: Trade Deadline Recap

Hour 2, Segment 4: The Big Pitch: Yes I went there, Planned Parenthood and Cecil

Hour 2, Segment 5: Callers upset with the Big Pitch

Podcast #8: Secretary Tom Ridge, NASCAR star Austin Dillon, plus a call for a Medal of Honor

Hour 1, Segment 1: The week that was

Hour 1, Segment 2: The CFO on his day to come with Colin Cowherd

Hour 1, Segment 3: Peyton Manning heads the Chattanooga Heroes Fund (w/ Barry Large)

Hour 1, Segment 4: Interview with Secretary of Homelands Security Tom Ridge on Attacks in Chattanooga

Hour 1, Segment 5: Five Takeaways from the British Open

Hour 2, Segment 1: The Counselor joins Weston to talk about Chattanooga’s Finest Moment

Hour 2, Segment 2: Approve/Disapprove with Coty Wamp – Trump, Allenby, Nicki/T-Swift feud.

Hour 2, Segment 3: Homerate Mortgage Interview of the Week: NASCAR star Austin Dillon

Hour 2, Segment 4: The Big Pitch – A Medal of Honor to Gunny

Hour 2, Segment 5: Five takeaways from the first week of the second half of MLB

Secretary Tom Ridge On The Pitch with Weston This Saturday

The first Secretary of Homeland Security in our nation’s history, The Honorable Tom Ridge, joins Weston on the Pitch to talk tough about radical Islam and the attacks in Tom RidgeChattanooga.

Ridge was the first drafted veteran of the Vietnam War elected to Congress, where he served for more than twenty years before twice being elected Governor of Pennsylvania. Just weeks after 9/11, President Bush tapped then-Governor Ridge to be his Homeland Security advisor and two years later was named the nation’s first Secretary of Homeland Security.

Young NASCAR star Austin Dillon also joins Weston on the pitch this week to talk about the crash seen ’round the world at Dayton a few weeks ago. Tune in. 10-noon, ESPN 105.1.

Nascar’s Young Gun, Daytona Crash Survior Austin Dillon On The Pitch Saturday

Driver of the #3 Chevrolet, Austin Dillon, will be on The Pitch with Weston Wamp this Saturday on ESPN 105.1. Dillon, the 25-year old grandson of Richard Childress, austin dillonis already a Nascar Truck Series Champion and a Xfinity Series Champion. Just three weeks ago he survived one of the most horrific wrecks in Nascar history on the final lap of the Coke Zero 400.

The Pitch airs live Saturday from 10-noon on ESPN 105.1 and streaming at ESPNChattanooga.com.

Podcast #7 – Calling Chattanooga Attacks What They Are

Hour 1, Segment 1: Wrapping Our Heads Around The Week of Terrorism In Chattanooga

Hour 1, Segment 2: Political Correctness Around Chattanooga Attacks (with Zach Wamp)

Hour 1, Segment 3: Cont’d with Zach Wamp on Attacks, Call from Iraq Veteran

Hour 1, Segment 4: Cold Realities You Won’t Hear from Politicians (with Zach Wamp)

Hour 1, Segment 5: Millennial entrepreneur Nick Macco on the Impact of Attacks on Chattanooga’s Brand

Hour 2, Segment 1: Talking Scott Walker with Wisconsin Native Nick Macco

Hour 2, Segment 2: British Open breakdown (with golf correspondent Jason Holwerda)

Hour 2, Segment 3: Interview of the Week withTN GOP Chairman Ryan Haynes

Hour 2, Segment 4: The Big Pitch – #NoogaStrong Misses the Point

Hour 2, Segment 5: Rhonda Rousley and Standing Up Against Sexual Assault

Podcast #6 – Governor Phil Bredesen, The Shark Woman Takes the World, Obama Silent on Kate

Hour 1, Segment 1: Recapping the week, A Memorable Sunday

Hour 1, Segment 2: Chattanooga Football Club with Marshall Brock

Hour 1, Segment 3: Women’s World Cup Win with Marshall Brock

Hour 1, Segment 4: British Open preview with St. Andrews History

Hour 1, Segment 5: The Crash

Hour 2, Segment 1: Shark Woman from Chattanooga Goes Worldwide (with Coty Wamp)

Hour 2, Segment 2: Approve or Disapprove of Trump, Grande, etc.. (with Coty Wamp)

Hour 2, Segment 3: Interview with former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen

Hour 2, Segment 4: The Big Pitch about Obama’s Silence on Kate

Hour 2, Segment 5: The Derby is coming up!

Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen On The Pitch This Saturday

Former Mayor of Nashville and two-term Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen will join Weston on the Pitch this Saturday, July 11th from 10-noon on ESPN 105.1 the Zone.bredesen2

Bredesen, who once led the efforts to bring the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans to our state, will talk about the future of pro sports in Tennessee as well as give his thoughts on President Obama’s healthcare law and the successes and failures of his administration. His perspective as a former Democrat governor may surprise you…